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Hola, amigos! I have just returned from a week-long vacation in Spain and can offer you a link to the pictures: http://kirillka.zenfolio.com/p622759615.

Spain was interesting. Great coffee, bad food, great architecture, nice weather, driving stick-shift (horror!!)...

In addition, I would like to belatedly announce that effective Nov 08 2004 I am no longer a resident of the Empire state and rather instead has become a resident of the Garden state.

Guests and congratulations are gratefully and readily accepted!

Have a great December! :)

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"Dlya vas, teatraly!" :)

Sorry about crass commercialism... Something more substantial soon... But for now - this.

If you are interested in seeing the Aleksandrinsky Theater's play "Inspector General" (http://fishercenter.bard.edu/calendar/event/index.php?eid=1670) directed by Valeri Fokin TOMORROW (or TODAY, depending on when you read this), on Jul 8 at 8 pm at Bard College (located upstate New York, 1 hr 50 min drive from midtown Manhattan), you are in luck!

I have 1 or 2 tickets available. :)

If there is just one ticket that you need, then let me know ASAP at 718-986-5171 and you can join me and a couple of other wonderful individuals on this enthralling trip. I will provide the
transportation from Midtown and back to the city!

Alternatively, if it is 2 tickets that you need and you are willing to take your own car, let me know as well - I will give you both tickets, but you will have to provide transportation to 3 wonderful individuals that will be stranded otherwise.

The tickets are $55 apiece but I am willing to compromise if you meet other stated conditions. :)

I know it's a short notice, but who knows, maybe the gods of serendipity will take pity and deliver a miracle?

Thanks, Kirill

Well, I knew of course...

...that Tarantino heavily borrows/quotes from pop culture. But I didn't know that the song "Bang Bang" ("My Baby Shot Me Down") from the soundtrack of "Kill Bill - Vol. 1" was originally sung by Dalida. Well, come to think of it, not sure in "originally" any more. :) Funnily enough, the ending of the Dalida version contains a violin solo worthy of Mikhail Kochetkov's "Moij dedushka staryj..." :))
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Попросту говоря...

Часть бактериальной плазмиды, содержащей область начала репликации ori, соединена с транскрипционной единицей вируса SV40, 5'-концевая часть которой включает ранние промотор и репликатор вируса SV40, а 3'-конец содержит сайт полиаденилирования и интрон большого T-антигена. Последовательности чужеродной ДНК, которые необходимо экспрессировать в клетках животных, клонируют по BglII-сайту рестрикции. Кроме того, в векторе имеются уникальные сайты для рестриктаз KpnI, BamHI, SalI и EcoRI. Вектор может реплицироваться в клетках E. coli и в клетках обезьян линии COS... (from http://obi.img.ras.ru/humbio/genexp/001b0b58.htm)

Too many purely russian words... :)
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