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On translation

As I was browsing Maksim Mosjkov's the other day for a quick read, I stumbled upon...  the Russian translation of Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! Well, after reading several pages... Actually I didn't have to read several pages at all. Didn't even have to read one page. The first sentence was good enough. It read: "Именно сюда собираются драконы." To me it sounded very much like "встаньте там и слушайте сюда!" :)

To give credit wher credit is worth, the translator had some clever ideas, for example, translating the Invisible University as "Невиданный Университет", and others. But overall, and based exclusively on the first several pages that I covered, I decided that I could do better. :) This of course remains to be proven but I am thinking of posting bits of translation here and if anyone wants to comment on anything, please feel free to do just that. So far I am working on the first pages (haven't spent enough time at work to produce any decent results yet :) so stand by.
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