Kirill Karpelson (kirillka) wrote,
Kirill Karpelson

The High Line Walk

On Thursday, April 1 2010 I went for walk to the high Line in Manhattan. I loved it! Maps and pictures arebelow.

Here's the map of my route:

kirillka: 2010-04-04 - The High Line &emdash; TheHighLineRoute

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me, only my phone, so the pictures that I took along the way are rather bad, but here they are anyway. I loved the walk and I strongly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the city during nice weather!

Here are some selected pictures, and below is a link to the full album.

kirillka: 2010-04-04 - The High Line &emdash; IMAG0080

kirillka: 2010-04-04 - The High Line &emdash; IMAG0099

kirillka: 2010-04-04 - The High Line &emdash; IMAG0133

kirillka: 2010-04-04 - The High Line &emdash; IMAG0127

Here's the complete Zenfolio album.
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